The Offer By Jayne Blue

The Offer

By Jayne Blue

Nina grew up in a broken family. Her father left the family due to her mother’s drinking problems. She practically raised her little sister. She had been working so hard to get where she is now. Unfortunately, her husband had severely gambling addiction that ruined her credit although he promised her that he will never gamble ever again, but of course, he didn’t keep his end of the bargain.

During the important meeting with a wealthy woman named Petra. Things didn’t go the way she was expecting in the meeting; needless to say, there were some arguments, which can make her losing her job. She solved the problems immediately that impressed Petra. After the meeting, Petra made a peculiar offer to Nina, but Nina requested to have more time to thinking upon the offer. She was given two weeks to thinking about it. The deal is if Nina works for Petra for a year, then she will be rewarded one million dollars as her yearly salary! Sounds like it’s a good proposal, but what kind of job did Petra offered Nina?

I like Nina’s character because she is a hard working woman, and she always puts her sister, nephew, and niece before herself. She always care about her family welfare instead of herself even though she is going through hell. She always find a positive way if she is on a rocky road.

Well, the book is too short for my taste. It contains ten chapters along with a sneak peek chapter for a book 2. Therefore, this book is a book 1. I really like the plot, and I am really intriguing to see where the plot is going, but unfortunately I have to read the series. I am debating with myself about whether to continuously read the series, or stop reading. I might give a book 2 a chance to see if it’s interesting for me to read further.

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