The Consequence of Revenge by Racher Van Dyken

The Consequence of Revenge

By Rachel Van Dyken

*Copy received courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Max is a single guy who likes to tell the cheesy pick up lines to girls, which it didn’t work most of the time. He meets this girl, Becca, at the Starbucks where he tried to pick her up with a cheesy line, and of course, with her intelligence quotient, she didn’t fell for it. As for his persistent personality, he wouldn’t give up until he finds out that his best friend, Jason, had signed him up for being a new bachelor for the television show called “Love Island.” Max was beyond pissed off that his best friend actually did this without discussing with him first; Although, It was not the primarily reason why he was pissed off. He doesn’t want to have a commitment relationship. Needless to say, he had to participating in the television show because the contract is interminable.

He meets Becca again at the airport because she is one of the twenty-five girls who is eligible to be his wife. Becca is one of the women that he had considered to marry, but he doesn’t know if she wants him or money.

Becca is an intelligent woman, but she is struggling to paying her college tuition. She wants to grab the opportunity when the opportunity presented itself. But will she choose him or the money?

Both of them are cooperating together to make this circumstance into a win-win situation. Becca wants money, and Max wants to get out of this television show without being in a committed relationship. However, will their plan backfired or success?

The book had been published on June 9, 2015

Cowboy Heaven by Cheryl Brooks

Cowboy Heaven

by Cheryl Brooks

*Copy received courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A widow, Angela McClure, picked up a hitchhiking named Troy Whitmore. His handsome face and a hot sizzling body are the utmost reason why she let him get on her truck. She has many wild fantasies about cowboys and hoping Troy will fulfill her fantasies. Troy needs to get to the town called Jackson Hole, but the town is 200 miles away from her home, and there is no way she will drive that far for a stranger. However, he offers her an opportunity that she can’t deny.

Oh my goodness! I like this author because she doesn’t waste time getting to the romance point. She just put all of the delicious smutty parts whenever she can! I mean, the smutty part already starts in chapter 1! And it is getting better in further chapters. The plot keeps getting twisted, and it keeps you guessing. There is a little predictable plot, which I’d prefer. This book has a lot of comic relief combine with tragedy and romance. The author knows how to balance all of three genres in this book.

I like all of the characters in this book, so it is impossible for me to name all of the characters and explain you why I like them because once you read this book, then you will know why I like all of them.

The main character, Angela, is a strong woman, but yet a weak woman. She loses her husband Cody to a sudden death. Her husband’s death had a huge impact on her, but not only her, it had been a quite an impact on her father too, which causes his health deteriorate. Will she fall in love once again after what she went through with her husband’s death? Will Troy make her fall in love with him, or will someone else show up in the picture and take over Troy’s place?

If the author is being like this with her other books, then I’ll read all of her books because this book had me hooked. This book has been published on March 1, 2015.