Locked in Stone By Tory Michaels

Locked in Stone

By Tory Michaels

*I requested a free book in an exchange for an honest review at NetGalley.com*

It is my first time to read a paranormal romance book regarding gargoyles. I tend to read vampires, angels, demons, specters, and some different kinds paranormal romance books. Reading through the book reminds me of the gargoyles cartoon that I used to watch when I was a young child.

Rose, a gargoyle, is on the run from vicious demons who want to murder her for her rich blood. She has no where to go. Her family were brutally murdered long ago. A woman named Gwen took her in and raised her. Rose was told that she is a last gargoyle in the world. Unbeknownst to Rose, her kind are residing in Atlanta, GA. More precisely, she is a Scared Mother gargoyle, which makes her a slightly different from a normal gargoyle.

Cal, a sentinel, who blames himself for failing a mission that he swore on his life to protect. After failing his mission, he pretty much throws his life away until the day Rose stands at his doorstep. His life changes immediately once he lays his eyes on her.

Rose is an annoying character. She has extreme mood swings, which drives me nuts to the point I thought she has a bipolar disorder! Besides, she was too hard on Cal for failing a mission that is out of his control, and it wasn’t his fault because he wasn’t there when a bad incident had occurred. I respect Cal because he was being patient with Rose despite her bitchy attitude towards him. Cal was being reasonable about the circumstance and tried his best to aid everyone as he can while Rose was being a bitch that he didn’t help her first. Come on, woman! Calm your tits!

First of all, there is no sex. Nothing. Nada. Secondly, the book genre is more like science fiction/fantasy/paranormal than romance. I don’t see a lot of romantic scenes in this book that satisfy my thirst! Lastly, no matter how much I really like the plot in this book, but the ending had me WHAT THE FUCK?! I was very disappointed when I’ve reached to the ending of the book.

The book will be published tomorrow (February 23, 2015)

Filthy Rich By Dawn Ryder

Filthy Rich

By Dawn Ryder

*I requested a free book in an exchange for an honest review in NetGalley.com*

Celeste and Nartan meet each other through their friends, Sabra and Tarak. Celeste’s first impression about Nartan is that he is an control man and a player. He wants sex with no commitment relationship in the mind. She is trying so hard to subsiding her feelings for him, and ignores the obvious passion connects between them. Nartan is an Alpha man, and his bloodline is Apache. He always has sex with women who don’t expect anything from him except pleasure.

Celeste is a divorced woman. She is a succeed lawyer, and possess a black belt in martial arts. She was in a verbal abusive relationship, which makes her push everyone away even her best friend Sabra. Until one day, her husband finally got into the jail, and that’s when she decides it is the best time for filing the divorce papers. Unfortunately, her previous marriage left her scars. Scars cannot be completely healed, but they can be a good reminder who you are today, and what they’ve done to make you stronger.

Nartan is a owner of a restaurant that Celeste frequently attends to because she loves the foods there. Meets Celeste makes him very tempting to claim her, and he cannot refute that there is something between him and Celeste. It was a game changer for him because he always gets what he wants with women without being in a serious relationship, and he loves challenges. Will he succeed?

I like Nartan because he is being honest with himself, and proves himself to be a good man by keeping his promises. I am big on keeping promises. I like it when a person makes a promise and keep it. He may be a player at the first, but he realizes he wants to be tied down. Nartan is a very open-minded person. He really appreciates the life and the essence of life itself.  Of course, It is expected of an Apache man.

I dislike Celeste because she is a judgmental person. She judges Nartan by the looks of him without getting to know more about him. She jumps to conclusions often without analyzing the circumstance first before making bad remarks. Her character is very annoying.

I was interesting in the beginning of the book, but until I’ve arrived in the middle of a book then everything is predictable. I’ve seen this exact pattern before. It is getting old for me. There is nothing exciting in this book except the smutty parts.

I advise you to read “Out of Bounds” before reading this book. It might help you to have more interesting.

The book has been published on Feb 3, 2015

Where The Road Takes Me by Jay McLean

Where The Road Takes Me

By Jay McLean

*I requested a free book in an exchange for an honest review at NetGalley.com*

Chloe and Blake didn’t meet each other in a typical way like other people tends to meet. You know how the majority of people meets other at the appropriate places like at the mall, the party, getting introduced through friends or family, and etcetera. Chloe is on the verge of getting raped, and Blake just happened to be at the place at a particular time. When Chloe escapes from the predator, she collides with Blake. Is it just me, or the fate pursuits them to fall in love?

Blake and Chloe are raised in a different environment, and yet they can relate what they’ve experienced through their life. They came from a damaged household. However, there is one thing Blake hasn’t experienced as knowing you have unattainable goals.

Throughout their life, they have struggled to overcome and make decisions. Both of them are in their senior year. Of course, A senior year is always busy. Apparently, it is your final step to enter the real world. Chloe and Blake never knew each other until recently, and their relationship has impacted their life, and their perspective about the life itself.

Blake is a intelligent man, but he can be incredibly obtuse sometimes. He can be inconceivably strong when facing with a difficult circumstance. He is very supportive to Chloe, and provides what she needs. It takes a lot of nerve to support a woman you love meanwhile you have a lot on your plate. Considering his age, he is very mature for his age.

Death is no stranger to Chloe and me. I can relate to Chloe, which makes it easier for me to understand her pain. Chloe loses two people she loved, and she pushes people away. She wants to be invisible. It takes one person to make her step away from the walls she builds for a long time.

The first chapter keeps my eyes glued to my Kindle. All I have to say is WOW! This book makes me feel different emotions. I smiled. I laughed. I cried. The cycle of emotions keeps repeating itself. I am very satisfied with the ending of a book. So, be prepared when you read this book! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! This book will be published on Feb 10, 2015.

Gerard’s Quest by Evie Knight

Gerard’s Quest

By Evie Knight

*I requested a free book in an exchange for an honest review in NetGalley.com*

Searching for a heirloom amulet that had been belonged to his ancestors, Gerard will do anything to get his hands on it even if his action hurts the person he loves. Gerard realizes how huge he has screwed up when it comes to losing the love of his life. Now, he will do anything to get her back.

A revenge is sweet, but, sometimes, a revenge isn’t worth it if you aren’t happy at all. Julianne is furious with Gerard for what he had done to her. Now, he lost her trust. However, did he lose her love? What will he do if another guy comes into the picture? Julianne wants him to taste his own medicine. Will she succeed her revenge plot on Gerard, or will her plot backfired on her?

I despite characters like Gerard. He’s a bastard, and I cannot believe how easily Julianne lets him manipulates her! Yes, Julianne is an obstinate woman, but she gives in too quickly than I originally thought. I wish she could’ve shown some restrictions, so it will be intriguing for me. Julianne is an extraordinary intelligence lady, but her obtuse way of making choices makes me want to put the Kindle down and drink a cup of wine. I believe she could’ve made correct choices if she didn’t let her jealously blinds her perception, but I couldn’t blame her for acting reckless because Gerard betrayed her.

Pardon my bluntness, I don’t like this book at all. The plot isn’t interesting enough for me to continue reading; Nonetheless, I finished the book. The characters are dull, and the plot is uneventful; however, the hot making love parts really get me well, which is the utmost reason why I decide to read continuously.

In Bed with the Enemy Series
Ariel’s song (Book 1)

Gerard’s Quest (Book 2)

What a Devilish Duke Desires By Vicky Dreiling

What a Devilish Duke Desires

By Vicky Dreiling

*I requested a free book in an exchange for a honest review in NetGalley.com*

The book genre is a historical romance. I am very picky with historical romance books because some historical romance books bore me to death, but this book didn’t!

Due to a certain family member’s death, Harry Norcliffe’s life changes unexpectedly. His nobility gets promoted, and it gives him time to abide the adjustments. One night, he takes a stroll on the street, and sees a damsel in distress gets handled roughly by a homeless man. Needless to say, as a gentleman he is, he runs to the rescue, but a lady rejects his aid, which make him feel impressed. However, it will not be the first impression she makes.

Lucy Longmore, a dancer who has a dream to own a dance studio someday, has two jobs to pay bills, and taking care of her blind grandmother. She is an intelligent, shy and independent with a good mindset lady. She faces a lot of obstacles, but she doesn’t gives up her dream and pride. She meets Harry again at the convenient time, and something tells her that it will not be the last time she sees him. Lucy is playing hard to get, but an obstinate man like Harry, will not give up! A spark of love cannot be extinguished.

The title of a book is incredibly alluring! It’s a main reason why it catches my interest, and it gives off a sexy vibe! The words “Devilish” and “Desires” make me trembling with excitement. If you like a slow-burning romance book, then you will enjoy reading this book. This book will be published on February 24, 2015. I enjoyed reading this book, and I’ve recently found out that there is a series regarding this book! This is a first book that is written by Vicky Dreiling I’ve read. Well done, Vicky Dreiling, you got yourself a new fan!

The Sinful Scoundrels Series

A Season for Sin (Book 0.5)

What a Wicked Earl Wants (Book 1)

What a Reckless Rogue Needs (Book 2)

What a Devilish Duke Desires (Book 3)

A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian

A Touch of Midnight

By Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian is one of my favorite romance novelists. She writes paranormal and historical romance novels. Paranormal and historical novels have always fascinated me. As for this book, it is a paranormal romance book.

Unknown mystery that is beyond human awareness has roamed in the Boston, Massachusetts. Gideon and his comrades were pursuing the Rouges to stop them from assassinating humans. Gideon serves a secret organization known as “The Order”. The Order’s establishment to protect humans from the Rogues. One of the Rogues murdered one lady and severely injured a man that leads Gideon meets his breed mate.

The Louisiana lady, Savannah, is a student in the Boston University, and she majored in Art History. She has a phenomenal psychometry ability that no one knows about except her sister Amelie. In the study room, She and other classmates were observing the ancient objects. A unique sword caught her attention, and she cannot resist to touch a sword to see the past lies in that sword. Unfortunately, a sword shocked her with a fact that leaves her perplexing. But, that’s not all. Until she learns the devastating news that her friend, Rachel, had been murdered which makes her feels disorient. In order to forget what a sword has shown her, and her best friend’s death, she overworks herself in a Boston Public Library where she meets Gideon.

I like Gideon’s character. He is a passionate, compassionate, desirable person. His profound love for technology is hilarious because the way he finds how the technology work makes him acting like a little boy has been discovered the treasure! He is a protective man. Savannah was one of his least worries until she mentioned a sword which make him attracts to her. Unknown to him, he is falling in love with her when he determines to protect her.

Savannah may be a strong woman, but she cries too much which makes me cringe. Her intelligent part makes up for that, and her ability is useful at some point. She always flees from the situation that she cannot handle. Her fleeing almost gets her killed if it wasn’t for Gideon, she will be dead.

One peculiar thing in this book that caught my interests. You know the traditional methods to kill a vampire, which are a stake through the chest, pour a holy water at them, a scared bullet, and so on. In this book, you must possess a titanium knife in order to kill a vampire.

The book is a page turner! It was a great read. The plot is intriguing, and it contains 166 pages. It baffles me how an author can put all of the drama and interesting incidents in 166 pages. Good thing that Lara Adrian have series because I don’t know if I will live if there is no series regarding this book!

Midnight Breed Series

A Touch of Midnight (Book 0.5)

Kiss of Midnight (Book 1)

Kiss of Crimson (Book 2)

Midnight Awakening (Book 3)

Midnight Rising (Book 4)

Veil of Midnight (Book 5)

Ashes of Midnight (Book 6)

Shades of Midnight (Book 7)

Taken by Midnight (Book 8)

Deeper by Midnight (Book 9)

A Taste of Midnight (Book 9.5)

Darker after Midnight (Book 10)

Edge of Dawn (Book 11)

Marked by Midnight (Book 11.5)

Crave The Night (Book 12)

Tempted by Midnight (Book 12.5)

Bound to Darkness (Book 13 coming out in Spring 2015)

Stroke by Midnight (Book 13.5)

Broken Promises By Kelly Elliott

Broken Promises

By Kelly Elliott

Before you read this book, I recommend you to read “Broken: Book 1” and “Broken Dreams: Book 2.” It is important for you to read these books because you will miss some essential information, but if you didn’t read these books then you will not be able to comprehend the whole plot of Broken Series. Furthermore, You will feel a bond with this book if you read the book 1 and 2. Trust me! It would be worth your time.

A childhood, ex-sweethearts, Taylor and Walker, had broken up after they attend different colleges. Needless to say, they’ve moved on with their life, and now they are engaged to other people. But, is their feelings for each other so powerful enough for them to be together again? Due to their busy engagements, they haven’t see each other for a year. Now they are going to see each other again at Taylor and Walker’s “Welcome home” party. Will they retrieve their feelings for each other? Can old flames be rekindled, or did the fire ever die?

Taylor irritates the hell out of me because she cannot make a simple decision and being honest with herself. Yes, she was very confused with her feelings, but WOMAN! All of the signs were right there in your face! Why would she wear her engagement ring if she haven’t said yes?! That moment right there, I was like geez, open your eyes! She is a passive person. She lets things happen without fighting. Yes, It takes her long enough to wake up, and smell the coffee to do something about it, and taking control of her life! I love Walker because he knows what he wants and fights for it unlike Taylor. Like Taylor, he was also confused, but he was quickly to catch on. He is not in denial like Taylor. Other than that, he is a trustworthy, loyal, respect, and generous gentleman.

I was elated when I found out there was a book 3 published a month ago. Given my love for Broken Series, I cannot stop reading this book on my Kindle. There are many incidents occur in the book. The tone of this book is definitely different from book 1 and 2, but it is still alluring my attention. At first, I thought the plot will be almost similar to book 1 and 2 because the book 1 and 2’s plot is almost similar conception. I was mistaken to make a judgment before I read this book, because I’ve not expected this book’s plot has been taken 360 degree turn in a completely different path. Good Job Kelly!

P.S. A book 4 “Broken Love” will come out on May 2015! Looking forward to read that book!

Broken Series

Broken: Book 1

Broken Dreams: Book 2

Broken Promises: Book 3

Broken Love: Book 4 (coming out on May 2015)