The Offer By Jayne Blue

The Offer

By Jayne Blue

Nina grew up in a broken family. Her father left the family due to her mother’s drinking problems. She practically raised her little sister. She had been working so hard to get where she is now. Unfortunately, her husband had severely gambling addiction that ruined her credit although he promised her that he will never gamble ever again, but of course, he didn’t keep his end of the bargain.

During the important meeting with a wealthy woman named Petra. Things didn’t go the way she was expecting in the meeting; needless to say, there were some arguments, which can make her losing her job. She solved the problems immediately that impressed Petra. After the meeting, Petra made a peculiar offer to Nina, but Nina requested to have more time to thinking upon the offer. She was given two weeks to thinking about it. The deal is if Nina works for Petra for a year, then she will be rewarded one million dollars as her yearly salary! Sounds like it’s a good proposal, but what kind of job did Petra offered Nina?

I like Nina’s character because she is a hard working woman, and she always puts her sister, nephew, and niece before herself. She always care about her family welfare instead of herself even though she is going through hell. She always find a positive way if she is on a rocky road.

Well, the book is too short for my taste. It contains ten chapters along with a sneak peek chapter for a book 2. Therefore, this book is a book 1. I really like the plot, and I am really intriguing to see where the plot is going, but unfortunately I have to read the series. I am debating with myself about whether to continuously read the series, or stop reading. I might give a book 2 a chance to see if it’s interesting for me to read further.

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Sworn to Love By Karin Tabke

Sworn to Love

By Karin Tabke

*Copy received courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

If you like to read a romance suspense novel with some actions, then this book is right for you!

Mateo is in the pursuit to kill a murderer, Javier, who killed his brother. When he confronted Javier, he has something else in his mind instead of killing Javier. He used Javier as a source of information about a wealthy man named Dumas in the Mexico. There were a lot of rumors about the deadly drugs that were in Dumas’s control. However, to get in Dumas’s security place, he has to get somebody else involved to make his mission successfully.

Sophia Dumas is an intelligent, fierce, obstinate, loyal and proud woman. She’s a hard person to please, but once you get on her good graces, then you will falling in love with her. She feels that she is in a prison her father created for her. She’s not allowed to making any decisions without her father’s approval, or she will be punished if she didn’t obey her father’s orders. She had learned a hard and cruel lesson through her older sister when her father ordered to kill her older sister. She lives in fear, but she is too proud to indicate everyone that she’s scared for her life.

Mateo was in a dangerous mission, and Sophia was involved. He hates it because his feelings for her were clouded his judgments. Both of them got together in an unexpectedly circumstance. Will they go to their separate way once the mission is fulfilled?

I have a love and hate relationship with Sophia because she doesn’t know where she stands, and she was blinded by her loyalty to her father although there are many reasons for her to suspect his father’s wrongdoings. On the other hand, I like her strong personality, However, her strong personality is conflicted with her feelings.

The book has been published on March 3, 2015

Stealing Rose (Book 2) By Monica Murphy

Stealing Rose

By Monica Murphy

*Copy received courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This book is a second book in the Fowler Sisters series.

Rose Fleur is a prominent family member of the well known family named Fowler. Her family is running an international cosmetics business called Fleur. Rose has been working so hard to promote to a higher position that she has been working hard for; unfortunately, her plans had been screwed up, and it is affecting her tremendously to the point where she was seriously considering to quit the family business. She fled to other country to get away from her career and her father. Her relationship with her father is strained, and she never had been raised in a joyous environment. She was raised with her two older sisters. Her older sister, Lily, is considered as worthless in her family’s eyes because she didn’t do anything to help the business. All she did is wear the Fleur cosmetics and spending the money. She looked up to her middle sister, Violet. She admired Violet because Violet went through a bad journey, and yet she still stands so strong. She went to visit her sister Violet in London where she met this handsome man who left her an impression at the party where they first met.

Caden Kingsley is a thief who steals from the rich, and he has no regrets to have this job because it pays good. Caden comes from a broken family, so he has been taking care of his mother since he was a teenager. It is a heavy burden for him, but he loves his mother. Rose had been lingering in his mind, and he cannot forget her until he saw her again. The foreign feelings stir inside him, and he can’t refute his feelings for her. He wants her, but does he loves her? His task is stealing a certain necklace from Rose. Will he have Rose without hurting her?

Rose and Caden come from the different world and social status. They started off with “friends with benefits” although they have feelings for each other, but it was a sticky issue for them to bring up. they didn’t expecting their called so relationship has gotten further, but will they stay together or drifting apart?

I like Rose character very much. She loves challenges, and will accept the challenge even if she doesn’t know the outcome. She may be a little reckless, but she is an intelligent and strong woman. She didn’t give herself enough credit. She may be a little emotionally unstable.

I also like Caden character even though he is an asshole in some way. He also loves challenges, and that’s why he was entrusted with the task of stealing Rose’s necklace. He was very gentle with Rose, and love her as much as he can. He is an intelligent person, and he loves mentally challenges with Rose, which makes him a perfect candidate to be with Rose. He’s so romantic and had been taking care of Rose in many ways that is beyond her expectations. He makes some bad choices, but he’s smart enough to make it up.

I like Rose’s sister Violet, but she may be a little annoying sometimes. Violet has been a little overprotective with Rose, which is understandable because Violet practically raised Rose by herself, but it would be nice if Violet let Rose spreads her wings and soar. Violet is an excellent observant person. She can tell what’s wrong or what is happening with her sister or others without them telling her what’s going on.

I abhor Whitney’s character. She is a spoiled person who thinks she is a princess, and will do anything to get what she wants even if it hurts someone else’s feeling or ruin someone else’s happiness. I am so glad she got what she deserved in this book!

This book has an alternative narrator with Rose and Caden, which I really like it because I can read about their individual opinions and feelings. It was really enjoyable to read this book.  I have to admit there are ups and downs in the plot, but it is a wonderful plot even though it is a little predictable with sizzling romance. However, I still like the book!

The book had been published on March 3, 2015.

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