Being Emerald By Sylvia Ryan

Being Emerald

By Sylvia Ryan

*Copy received courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

The front cover of a book fascinates me, so I decided to request for a free book in an exchange for an honest review. The other thing on the cover also caught my attention, which is a quote said, “They’ll escape New Atlanta or die trying.” It gave me an idea to enjoy reading a romance and action book because it will not be a tedious book. My perspective on the cover proves me correct. I didn’t have any regrets for reading this entertaining book!

You know how the social categories in America work. It is the same idea in this book, but instead of high, middle, and low class. In this book, the social categories are called Sapphire, Emerald, and Amber. Sapphire is considered as a high class while Emerald is a middle class, and Amber is a low class. Once you born in the specific class, then you will be staying in the class for the rest of your life unless you have talents to promote your social status. If you are transferring to another upper status, then you are forbidden to contact your family if they are in a different social category. Sapphire, Emerald, and Amber do not associate with each other. They have their own zone, which they cannot come across  with each other unless they have an permission from higher authorities

Rock, was born in Amber, promoted his status to Emerald. However Amber will always be his home. He despite Emerald social status, but he has to accept it in order to survive the world. His father and he have been planning to an uprising, and he plans to escape from Emerald’s zone by himself, but he meets a lady that sparks his interests. He cannot ignore her, but will he resist her?

Laila, who also was born in Amber, just got promoted her status to Emerald. Thanks to her high intelligent quotient, which is a priority reason why she is able to promoting her social status. She runs the program called the Fine Arts and Artifacts, and she needs a bodyguard. Guess who will be her bodyguard? Of course *drum roll* Rock is her bodyguard. Laila has an empathy power that she can control very well. She tried to use her empathy power on Rock when they first met. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go well because Rock’s aura made her nauseated, and she cannot shake it off unless she is in the different room from him. What are Rock’s dark secrets that scares her to her core?

From the beginning to end, there are many actions going on in this book. Of course, the sex is induced otherwise I will not like this book! Oh my goodness, before you decide to read this book. Make sure you are prepared because I definitely didn’t prepare for a lot of kinky sex! After I am finished reading this book. I was like I need to bleach my eyes! If you love romance with kinky sex book, then this is a book for you!


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