What a Devilish Duke Desires By Vicky Dreiling

What a Devilish Duke Desires

By Vicky Dreiling

*I requested a free book in an exchange for a honest review in NetGalley.com*

The book genre is a historical romance. I am very picky with historical romance books because some historical romance books bore me to death, but this book didn’t!

Due to a certain family member’s death, Harry Norcliffe’s life changes unexpectedly. His nobility gets promoted, and it gives him time to abide the adjustments. One night, he takes a stroll on the street, and sees a damsel in distress gets handled roughly by a homeless man. Needless to say, as a gentleman he is, he runs to the rescue, but a lady rejects his aid, which make him feel impressed. However, it will not be the first impression she makes.

Lucy Longmore, a dancer who has a dream to own a dance studio someday, has two jobs to pay bills, and taking care of her blind grandmother. She is an intelligent, shy and independent with a good mindset lady. She faces a lot of obstacles, but she doesn’t gives up her dream and pride. She meets Harry again at the convenient time, and something tells her that it will not be the last time she sees him. Lucy is playing hard to get, but an obstinate man like Harry, will not give up! A spark of love cannot be extinguished.

The title of a book is incredibly alluring! It’s a main reason why it catches my interest, and it gives off a sexy vibe! The words “Devilish” and “Desires” make me trembling with excitement. If you like a slow-burning romance book, then you will enjoy reading this book. This book will be published on February 24, 2015. I enjoyed reading this book, and I’ve recently found out that there is a series regarding this book! This is a first book that is written by Vicky Dreiling I’ve read. Well done, Vicky Dreiling, you got yourself a new fan!

The Sinful Scoundrels Series

A Season for Sin (Book 0.5)

What a Wicked Earl Wants (Book 1)

What a Reckless Rogue Needs (Book 2)

What a Devilish Duke Desires (Book 3)


A Touch of Midnight by Lara Adrian

A Touch of Midnight

By Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian is one of my favorite romance novelists. She writes paranormal and historical romance novels. Paranormal and historical novels have always fascinated me. As for this book, it is a paranormal romance book.

Unknown mystery that is beyond human awareness has roamed in the Boston, Massachusetts. Gideon and his comrades were pursuing the Rouges to stop them from assassinating humans. Gideon serves a secret organization known as “The Order”. The Order’s establishment to protect humans from the Rogues. One of the Rogues murdered one lady and severely injured a man that leads Gideon meets his breed mate.

The Louisiana lady, Savannah, is a student in the Boston University, and she majored in Art History. She has a phenomenal psychometry ability that no one knows about except her sister Amelie. In the study room, She and other classmates were observing the ancient objects. A unique sword caught her attention, and she cannot resist to touch a sword to see the past lies in that sword. Unfortunately, a sword shocked her with a fact that leaves her perplexing. But, that’s not all. Until she learns the devastating news that her friend, Rachel, had been murdered which makes her feels disorient. In order to forget what a sword has shown her, and her best friend’s death, she overworks herself in a Boston Public Library where she meets Gideon.

I like Gideon’s character. He is a passionate, compassionate, desirable person. His profound love for technology is hilarious because the way he finds how the technology work makes him acting like a little boy has been discovered the treasure! He is a protective man. Savannah was one of his least worries until she mentioned a sword which make him attracts to her. Unknown to him, he is falling in love with her when he determines to protect her.

Savannah may be a strong woman, but she cries too much which makes me cringe. Her intelligent part makes up for that, and her ability is useful at some point. She always flees from the situation that she cannot handle. Her fleeing almost gets her killed if it wasn’t for Gideon, she will be dead.

One peculiar thing in this book that caught my interests. You know the traditional methods to kill a vampire, which are a stake through the chest, pour a holy water at them, a scared bullet, and so on. In this book, you must possess a titanium knife in order to kill a vampire.

The book is a page turner! It was a great read. The plot is intriguing, and it contains 166 pages. It baffles me how an author can put all of the drama and interesting incidents in 166 pages. Good thing that Lara Adrian have series because I don’t know if I will live if there is no series regarding this book!

Midnight Breed Series

A Touch of Midnight (Book 0.5)

Kiss of Midnight (Book 1)

Kiss of Crimson (Book 2)

Midnight Awakening (Book 3)

Midnight Rising (Book 4)

Veil of Midnight (Book 5)

Ashes of Midnight (Book 6)

Shades of Midnight (Book 7)

Taken by Midnight (Book 8)

Deeper by Midnight (Book 9)

A Taste of Midnight (Book 9.5)

Darker after Midnight (Book 10)

Edge of Dawn (Book 11)

Marked by Midnight (Book 11.5)

Crave The Night (Book 12)

Tempted by Midnight (Book 12.5)

Bound to Darkness (Book 13 coming out in Spring 2015)

Stroke by Midnight (Book 13.5)

Broken Promises By Kelly Elliott

Broken Promises

By Kelly Elliott

Before you read this book, I recommend you to read “Broken: Book 1” and “Broken Dreams: Book 2.” It is important for you to read these books because you will miss some essential information, but if you didn’t read these books then you will not be able to comprehend the whole plot of Broken Series. Furthermore, You will feel a bond with this book if you read the book 1 and 2. Trust me! It would be worth your time.

A childhood, ex-sweethearts, Taylor and Walker, had broken up after they attend different colleges. Needless to say, they’ve moved on with their life, and now they are engaged to other people. But, is their feelings for each other so powerful enough for them to be together again? Due to their busy engagements, they haven’t see each other for a year. Now they are going to see each other again at Taylor and Walker’s “Welcome home” party. Will they retrieve their feelings for each other? Can old flames be rekindled, or did the fire ever die?

Taylor irritates the hell out of me because she cannot make a simple decision and being honest with herself. Yes, she was very confused with her feelings, but WOMAN! All of the signs were right there in your face! Why would she wear her engagement ring if she haven’t said yes?! That moment right there, I was like geez, open your eyes! She is a passive person. She lets things happen without fighting. Yes, It takes her long enough to wake up, and smell the coffee to do something about it, and taking control of her life! I love Walker because he knows what he wants and fights for it unlike Taylor. Like Taylor, he was also confused, but he was quickly to catch on. He is not in denial like Taylor. Other than that, he is a trustworthy, loyal, respect, and generous gentleman.

I was elated when I found out there was a book 3 published a month ago. Given my love for Broken Series, I cannot stop reading this book on my Kindle. There are many incidents occur in the book. The tone of this book is definitely different from book 1 and 2, but it is still alluring my attention. At first, I thought the plot will be almost similar to book 1 and 2 because the book 1 and 2’s plot is almost similar conception. I was mistaken to make a judgment before I read this book, because I’ve not expected this book’s plot has been taken 360 degree turn in a completely different path. Good Job Kelly!

P.S. A book 4 “Broken Love” will come out on May 2015! Looking forward to read that book!

Broken Series

Broken: Book 1

Broken Dreams: Book 2

Broken Promises: Book 3

Broken Love: Book 4 (coming out on May 2015)

Under the Billionaire control (Part 1-3) By Megan Harold

Under the Billionaire control (Part 1-3)

By Megan Harold

A lovely woman named Elea, who is very talented at playing a violin, works as a hostess at the club where she meets a gentleman named Adam Ritcher. Their first encounter was amusing, but it will not be the last time they see each other.

Adam Ritcher is a famous billionaire. The way an author describes Adam’s appearance, he is smoking hot!! Elea wonders how did he stay being single. Being a billionaire isn’t easy as you thought it is. Adam shows his jovial appearance to others, but he isn’t happy with himself. Will Elea help him to be happy? Will he be happy being with Elea? What is the utmost reason behind his unhappiness?

Paul Hill, Adam’s cousin and an enemy, wants Elea, and he will not stop at nothing. Will he achieve to win Elea’s heart? How far will he goes to get Elea?

I like Adam, he knows how making a lady feel wanted. To be honest, I blushed a lot during reading this book because he is a smooth talker, but an author makes him sound like a girly because she adds a lot of exclamation mark to his sentences. I notice there are some misspelled words and grammar errors. I swear to God I never have seen many exclamation marks per page! Other than that, I still read continuously.

The plot is intriguing. I cannot put my Kindle down until I know what happens in the end of the book! Unexpected incidents happen in the book keeps me continue reading because you cannot guess what is coming next! I cursed at an author out for making the end a cliffhanger! I was like “WHAT?!! Is this end of the book?! Are you serious?!” in the other words, I will continue reading the series!!

Under the Billionaire control Series

Book 2 (Part 4-6)

Book 3 (Part 7-9)

Book 4 (Part 10-12)

The Tycoon’s Make-Believe Fiancée By Elizabeth Lennox

The Tycoon’s Make-Believe Fiancée

by Elizabeth Lennox

Royston was a foster child after his parents died. His young sister, Wyndi, and he got separated. During the separation, he would run away to find his sister until one devastated day, he was told that his sister died by drowning. Not only with a difficult childhood, Royston loses his little sister, which makes him shut everyone out. Suddenly, a lady walks into his office and claims that she is his little sister, Wyndi. Imagine the feelings he feels when he finds out that his little sister didn’t die. Not only he finds out that his sister is back in his life. He is going to be an uncle! His sister asks him if he is happy. Due to his pride, and he was frightened of the idea of worrying his sister about his happiness. Of course, he lied to her. Miranda Lillith is a employee in financial department of Royston’s company. Due to the tardiness of turning the essential paperwork in, Miranda finds herself in a situation with Royston which leads her to have a lunch date with him. What is going to happen?!

Royston may be a ruthless and reserved character, but he is compassionate in his heart, which he only shows his empathy side to people he loves. His love for his little sister indicates that he is an loyal person. I am not fond of lies, but I understand why he has to lie about his happiness. Personally, I like strong willed women, and Miranda is one of them. She is an honest, loyal, generous, and intelligent lady. Miranda finds a way to get Royston’s heart, and eventually, he opens himself to her. Who will fall in love first? Will his sister see through Royston’s lies?

At first, the title screams “predictable”, but I decide to give this book a chance. You know how they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”, but I certainly can judge a book by its title because every time I read a book’s title then I will be like oh this is what will happens in this book then BAM! I was right all along! At the beginning of the story, It was alluring, but in two or three chapters later, I got bored with this book already. I don’t have motivation to finish the book. The characters are very dull, and the author didn’t write details about Miranda’s background. Although, I like Miranda, but I wish I could get to know more about her background. I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

I Married a Billionaire by Melanie Marchande

I Married a Billionaire

by Melanie Marchande

The title makes it so obvious that the plot is about a lady is married to a Billionaire man. Daniel Thorne, a billionaire man who was born in Toronto, Canada, was suddenly informed that he is no longer welcome in the United States. Lack of trust in his attorney lands him in an unpleasant position. He only has one way to be a legally resident in United States.

Madeline Wainright works at Daniel’s company as a graphic designer. her job is well-paying, but she has a lot of debts which she has a difficult time to pay all of her debts off. One day, she got called to Daniel’s office. Naturally, you will freak out if you get called to your billionaire boss’s office, and think what the heck did you do?! However, she got out of his office with an astounding offer that she cannot reject. He offers to pay her two million dollars after their marriage of convenience comes to an end. She has to move in with him, acts as his stand-in wife, and convince INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) that they are in a relationship with a marriage in mind.

Did she marry him for two million dollars or love?

I detest most of the characters in the book. Madeline is too needy and clingy. Daniel is an obtuse character I had ever read. Regardless, I like Daniel’s sister, Lindsey, because she is a comedy character that enlighten up the dull atmosphere between Madeline and Daniel. The plot is well written, but it is predictable, and the characters except Lindsey are bored. I nearly fall asleep while reading this book.

As I said in my previous post, I don’t like a book with too predictable plot, but this one is not bad as I thought it would be. There were some surprising circumstances that I found it amusing. There is a series regarding this book, but the book doesn’t give me a desire to continue reading the series.

The Book two: I Married a Billionaire: Lost and Found

The Book Three: I Married a Billionaire: The Prodigal Son

Seduction and Surrender by Cali MacKay

Seduction and Surrender (The Billionaire’s Temptation Series)

By Cali MacKay

Emma Sparrow works so hard to achieve her restaurant dream. She always makes sure that she never miss paying rent for her restaurant’s lease, and yet a man named Quinn Ryker, a new owner of the building where her restaurant is, refuses to renew the lease because he has another project ideas regarding that building where her restaurant is located. Needless to say, Emma refuses to let her hard work go to waste, and argues to save her restaurant. Quinn proposes an intriguing deal; however, he makes it clear that he is physically attracted to her. He gives her twenty- four hours to make a decision. Take it or leave it?

Let’s be honest, I cannot resist a smut romance book. However, this book’s plot is fast paced. I feel some valuable information are missing, but I cannot put my finger on it. Emma and Quinn move too fast, especially Quinn because he jumps on her too fast which is abnormal in my opinion. I admit the plot is good, but it’s too predictable, which I don’t like books that are too predictable because it will not make things interesting for me to read continuously. Given my love for romance books, I will not read the rest of the series.

The series called “The Billionaire’s Temptation”

Book 2: Submission and Surrender

Book 3: Love and Surrender

Book 4: Deception and Surrender